CERDAAC Software

Award-winning cloud software that makes it easy for lives-at-stake manufacturers to deliver lifesaving quality, leaner.

CERDAAC is SIMCO’s award-winning cloud software built from the ground up to help manufacturers in the life sciences, aerospace and defense industries deliver lifesaving quality in a lean production environment. Built on decades of SIMCO services experience with thousands of customers, CERDAAC is the first cloud software designed specifically to digitally transform, automate and integrate the critical processes where manufacturing and quality intersect.

From calibration management and asset management to repair and preventive maintenance, CERDAAC’s solutions help you keep production lines moving while meeting your most stringent quality goals. Hosted in an enterprise-grade cloud, CERDAAC offers zero-IT overhead, is highly configurable, and is pre-validated by SIMCO to help you ensure compliance

CERDAAC Software Solutions

Calibration Management
Preventive Maintenance
Asset Management
OOT Case Management
Work Order Management
Use Trace
SIMCO Manager

“CERDAAC is a huge improvement over other approaches. The impact of an on-site visit to our productivity is minimal because we use SIMCO’s CERDAAC software to schedule these services in advance. With CERDAAC, we can keep our line moving and still meet our goals.”

Shannon Younger
Director of Quality and Compliance
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