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WuXi AppTec Case Study

Pharmaceutical and medical device technology leader uses SIMCO CERDAAC to meet high industry and regulatory standards of excellence

Read the entire case study here.


  • As part of the evaluation process, SIMCO provided WuXi AppTec with a business case detailing the savings SIMCO’s CERDAAC software would provide over the company’s current approach, with cost savings and other benefits including:
  • 477% Return on Investment
  • $148,550 savings annually including:
  • ~1000 hours saved in audit support
  • Cost Savings: 138,550/year
  • $33,750 in Audit Costs Time Savings
  • $32,500 in Data Entry Cost Savings
  • $30,000 in Equipment Downtime Cost Avoidance
  • $18,000 in SaaS Validation Costs Savings
  • $10,800 due to OOT Event Traceability
  • $9,000 OOT Case Management Time Savings
  • $4,500 reduction in inefficiencies due to limited license cost savings

Additional Benefits >$10,000/year:

  • Reduction in Human Error
  • Time Savings via Automatic Reports
  • Increased Data Analytics
  • Automatic Backups
  • Paper Cert is Missing or Destroyed
  • Correct Procedures/Specifications
  • Ensure Audit Readiness
  • Reduced IT Costs due to Cloud-based Solution

“If we had purchased ten licenses of one of the other systems, it would have taken us a decade to spend that same amount of money with SIMCO CERDAAC.That’s a pretty big upfront investment, and we would only have been using limited functionality out of that system. For our needs, SIMCO software was a much better solution.” — Lukin Moline, Validation Specialist, WuXi AppTec