OOT Case Management

Out of Tolerance Case Management

Quickly resolve Out of Tolerance (OOT) cases to avoid issues with compliance.

CERDAAC’s Case Management solution enables quality managers to quickly and efficiently resolve out of tolerance cases. When a calibration failure occurs, it’s imperative to resolve it rapidly and rigorously to mitigate the risk of product recalls and compliance issues.

OOT Case Management Benefits

Drive Timely Resolution of Cases

Auto-generate cases for any OOT or non-conformance event, and immediately notify users. Track case status to ensure timely resolution.

Facilitate Your CAPA Program

Use electronic Forms to document Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) needed to resolve OOT cases and reduce the time spent managing the program.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Obtain OOT resolution approvals using electronic workflows and digital signatures. Store all related information and audit trails in a single system of record to ensure audit readiness.

Improve Quality Management

Leverage analytics on historical cases to streamline operations and continue to improve the quality of your products.

“For this year to date we have 45% of our cases closed within their due date, which is much higher than it used to be. We are trending in the right direction, and I can tell that at a glance just by looking at my CERDAAC dashboard.”

Lukine Moline
Validation Specialist

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