Customer Testimonials

SIMCO listens closely to our customers to understand their needs and ensure their satisfaction. Here are few recent comments from our ongoing customer satisfaction surveys:

"I have a lot of confidence in the results when I send a piece of equipment to SIMCO for calibration."

"Through the years SIMCO has continued to provide exceptional service."

"SIMCO has fulfilled all of our calibration needs with accuracy and has met or exceeded the specified turn around times to help our company continue to function with little interruption to our daily operations."

"This is a great service and enhances my Quality Management System."

"I have been working with SIMCO for several years and am so impressed with the great job and excellent service given to us regarding our orders, questions, and concerns. Timely response is a plus and is very much appreciated. Glad to work with the company and look forward to many more years!"

"CERDAAC software is great and the main reason I will chose SIMCO over competitors."

"I’d like to recognize your calibration technician for his technical expertise, professionalism, and great work during an onsite cal.  Thanks again for all you do. Your great work is appreciated!"

"We appreciate the importance SIMCO attaches to us keeping our critical deadlines. This is one of the reasons I continually stress to our management to continue our relationship with SIMCO. Excellent Customer Service!!"

"CERDAAC is a great tool for looking up tool history and scheduling pickups."

"Ongoing calibration of equipment is one of those annoying but necessary duties but SIMCO makes it so effortless and automatic that I hardly notice."

"SIMCO techs are dynamic and responsive to our needs and are a pleasure to have onsite."

"Service is great and personnel are also. Makes life easy, schedule and forget as SIMCO will take care of it."

"I love the local lab and free pick-up and delivery."

"Both SIMCO technicians that performed our on site were top notch. We greatly appreciate the high caliber of your staff... thanks for a job well done!"

"Your technician did a great job in helping me resolve an issue with a calibration in order to complete an important test. He responded very quickly and was very courteous in our many communications."

"I am very satisfied with the calibration service. The SIMCO staff were also flexible in a way that they can adapt to some additional customer requests."

"Your technician did a great job in helping me resolve an issue with a calibration in order to complete a test with UL. He responded very quickly and was very courteous in our many communications."

"We are always very pleased to do business with you. Very seldom is there an issue or concern, and any time there is I know it will be dealt with as quickly as possible, with great communication from your team. Thank you again for providing the best calibration services around."

"Thank you so much for being so responsive. I look forward to working with you again!"

"This was probably the smoothest onsite service that has been done since I took over the administration of our division in Minnesota."

"Your CSR does an incredible job! She makes it so easy to get calibration done every month. She is quick to respond and goes above and beyond to make sure our equipment comes back to us in a timely manner."

"OUTSTANDING customer service!!!  Thank you for the fast turnaround!!"

"We have SIMCO onsite twice a year for calibration services. Without fail it is always a positive experience. The technicians arrive at the specified time and are prepared to get started very quickly. They are also very accommodating to minimize disruptions to our workflow." 

"We had a sudden need to have three flow meters returned back to us quickly, and these were complicated calibrations with voltage output data. Your CSR was able to contact the labs, Allentown and Santa Clara, and explain our needs. Both labs stepped up and not only got the calibrations completed quickly, but they also quickly resolved an error found on one of the data reports. Thanks to all of SIMCO and especially your CSR for helping us out."

"SIMCO clearly understands that medical testing equipment repairs need to be solved quickly.  This makes my life as an engineer and my customers so happy."

"Within 30 minutes after I realized I had made a mistake, the SIMCO team had already bailed me out of hot water... I plan to continue using SIMCO for all of our calibration needs and will not hesitate to recommend their services to any colleagues."

"Our SIMCO on-site tech is one of the best techs I've come across in the business. He never shies away from any question and when a tool fails calibration or is damaged he has no issues with showing what is wrong with the tool and providing his thoughts on why it failed or needs repair."

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