Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Minimize production downtime and increase asset reliability

For any manufacturing operation, keeping track of assets and ensuring their proper maintenance can be an arduous process. CERDAAC’s Preventive Maintenance solution is designed to help organizations maintain their assets with minimal downtime. From developing a detailed preventive maintenance plan to managing work requests, CERDAAC helps standardize and streamline your processes.

Preventive Maintenance Benefits

Minimize Asset Downtime

Easily schedule preventive maintenance by setting time-based or usage-based triggers for each individual asset to reduce downtime in your operations and avoid large costs due to equipment breakdowns.

Manage Part Consumption

Track key metrics in real-time to manage and forecast parts consumption and ensure parts availability for all scheduled maintenance. Send email notifications of low stock levels to procurement for timely reordering.

Extend Asset Lifecycle

Use detailed reports to track maintenance turnaround time and monitor asset performance to calculate Return On Investment (ROI). Analyze asset service history to forecast potential catastrophic failures and proactively take action.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Easily automate notifications for services due and escalate if needed to ensure assets are serviced on time. Stored service records and audit trails are readily available to support compliance audits.

“There is a huge reduction in the amount of time we spend because we no longer have to maintain multiple databases. We definitely are making much more efficient use of resources with CERDAAC.”

Lukine Moline
Validation Specialist

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