Use Trace

Use Trace

Trace Out Of Tolerance events to streamline your impact assessment and resolution

Calibration failures or out of tolerance (OOT) events are a common occurrence in a production facility, and proper management is imperative. When an OOT event occurs, quality teams need to be able to trace the issue to mitigate any damage. CERDAAC’s Use Trace solution enables you to quickly find which products were touched by the OOT instrument and vice-versa.

Use Trace Benefits

View End-to-End Traceability

Easily identify which products, projects, or services an OOT asset has been used on or which assets were used on a defective product to determine where the issue lies in your production line and quickly correct it.

Track Asset Details

Record Usage Events with detailed information on assets, products, work center, technicians, and more during every product test for quick traceability in the event of an OOT instrument.

Automated Notifications

Set up notifications to alert your team when an OOT or past-due instrument is discovered in order to immediately pull it from production and address the issue.

Reporting & Analysis

Use custom reports and detailed insights to analyze OOT events, speed failure analysis, and take timely corrective action.

“With CERDAAC, we’ve accomplished a complete transformation of our compliance tracking and reporting processes, and we will continue to use it to improve the quality and efficiency of those operations.”

— Life Sciences Company

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