Work Request & Repair

Manage and assign incoming work requests to ensure timely completion

Reviewing, assigning, and ensuring completion of work and repair requests can be overwhelming and requires diligent coordination. With CERDAAC’s Work Request solution, you can quickly turn incoming requests into work orders and see them through to completion.

Work Request Benefits

Manage Incoming Work Requests

Users can easily submit work order requests through an online portal. CERDAAC provides a streamlined process to capture requests and see them through to completion.

Facilitate Work Request Completion

Managers have the ability to quickly review, prioritize, and assign work requests with all the necessary information.

Balance Technician Tasks

Ensure work requests are efficiently assigned and completed by tracking labor hours and ensuring technicians are not overloaded with requests.

Analyze Operations

Get a real-time holistic analysis of enterprise level request status by location, department, & more in your executive dashboard.

“CERDAAC really allowed us to customize or configure the options we needed very easily. It’s very intuitive, as well as very easy to learn and use.”

Lukine Moline
Validation Specialist

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