Calibration Overview

Quality Calibration Services

SIMCO provides high-quality calibration services to over 3,000 organizations including the top 10 U.S. biomedical manufacturers and 9 of the top 10 U.S. aerospace and defense manufacturers.  A calibration industry leader since 1962, SIMCO has received calibration leadership awards for 8 consecutive years from independent research firm Frost & Sullivan.  SIMCO has earned these awards and developed a strong reputation for being “the standard for quality service” by providing customers with the advantages listed below.

The SIMCO Advantage


SIMCO calibration labs have received accreditation and certification to national and international quality standards.


SIMCO has received numerous calibration industry awards for outstanding service and performance.


SIMCO provides worldwide calibration services through its network of 20 labs and onsite service teams.

Calibration Software

SIMCO's CERDAAC cloud software automates and streamlines your calibration, maintenance, repair, compliance, and quality processes.


SIMCO’s broad calibration capabilities cover all types of instruments from thousands of manufacturers.

Calibration Levels

SIMCO offers a wide range of calibration levels  to meet your compliance and quality needs.  All levels include instrument adjustment to meet specifications.

Repair Services

To reduce your capex costs and extend the life of your equipment, SIMCO provides high-quality repair services for a broad range of instruments.

Optimizing Field Service

SIMCO’s innovative Push Program ensures the measurement instruments for your field engineers are always calibrated and up-to-date.

Lean 6 Sigma Expertise

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All SIMCO staff members have been trained in Lean 6 Sigma practices to help you improve operations, increase throughput, and reduce costs.


For more information about SIMCO’s quality calibration services, please contact us at 866-299-6029 or request a quote online.

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