Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SIMCO open during the pandemic?

Yes, SIMCO is an Essential Business and our labs, field service teams, and CERDAAC software services are fully operational during the pandemic.

What is SIMCO doing to protect the health of my employees?

Your staff’s health and safety are a top priority for SIMCO and SIMCO technicians are using masks, gloves, and social distancing and disinfecting facilities, equipment, instruments, packaging, and vehicles.

Can SIMCO calibrate my equipment even if my operation is shut down?

Yes, SIMCO can pick up your equipment or do onsite calibrations if you can provide access. This will ensure your operation can start up immediately after the pandemic.

One of my key OEMs is shut down and can't calibrate my electronic equipment. Can SIMCO help?

Yes, SIMCO can help to (i) identify manufacturers who are infringing on your right to service your equipment and (ii) consider alternatives. For certain models, SIMCO can provide the service (typically at a lower price and faster turnaround), as long as the manufacturer agrees to release their proprietary service software.

Can I use CERDAAC to help better manage our pandemic related issues?

Yes, CERDAAC can help you automate many pandemic-related tasks, such as managing health supplies, service rescheduling, employee services, and more. SIMCO is using CERDAAC internally to manage our health supplies and disinfectant procedures. If you would like to use CERDAAC for similar uses, we will gladly share this configuration information for you for no charge.  Simply call us at 408-734-9750 or send an email to

What is SIMCO doing to protect its own employees?

SIMCO is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of SIMCO employees. We have implemented a comprehensive employee safety program, including extensive training, protective equipment, remote work options, enhanced family care benefits, daily communications, and more.

How do I contact SIMCO regarding any issue during the pandemic?

Please call us at 408-734-9750 or send an email to to let us know how we can help you in any way and better support you during this challenging time.

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