According to Market Research firm IDC, Organizations Lose 20-30% of Revenue Every Year Due to Inefficient Processes

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8 Key Steps to Digitizing Your Quality and Manufacturing Support Operations

  1. Identify paper, manual and repetitive processes that are ripe for digitization
  2. Prioritize projects based on cost to implement vs. cost savings, productivity gains, improved quality, and production uptime
  3. Consider prioritizing “quick wins” for initial digitization efforts
  4. For each project, map out process workflow, including any approval routing
  5. Select optimal software system and vendor for digitizing your workflows
  6. Partner with chosen vendor to consider best ways to digitize, eliminating waste and opportunities for error
  7. In addition to workflows, implement summary reports and real-time dashboards to track critical metrics
  8. Enjoy reduced costs and improved quality & regulatory compliance

"We chose CERDAAC based on its combination of features, ease-of-use, reporting and unlimited user licensing model. We use it to manage calibration and repair services for over 2,000 assets and to maintain schedules of services for those assets including preventive maintenance. With CERDAAC, we saved over $149K annually and mitigated our regulatory risk."

- Validation Specialist
WuXi AppTec
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