New Enhancements from SIMCO Professional Services

Learn how our professional services team can help you with new enhancements like these.

Need help customizing your SIMCO CERDAAC software? SIMCO's professional services team can help. Our customers save thousands of dollars using SIMCO's professional services to configure and customize their CERDAAC implementation to their unique needs. Whether you need help with software set-up, training, integration, or a customization project, let our professional services team partner with you to make your project a success.

Here are just a few of the new enhancements we've recently made for our customers:

What's New: Display Asset Images

  • Image can be uploaded on the asset edit page
  • Image will be displayed in the Asset detail page
  • Image can be added to views

Watch the quick video below to see how Display Asset Images works:



Fill out the form or email us at, and we'll get in touch with more information on how we can help.

What's New: Pen to Screen

Using Microsoft Tablets with CERDAAC eForms with Grids

CERDAAC_Pen2ScreenCERDAAC is being used on Microsoft Tablets using Windows

Grids are a dynamic tables containing read-only/input data

Grids simplifies handling of repeated, identical rows in eForms such as day of the week and field(s) to capture daily measurements

Grids can automatically calculate whether a measurement is within tolerance

CERDAAC with Microsoft Tablets offers mobility and simplified data entry

Microsoft Surface tablet used to capture the daily check of D-Y water measurements

Reduced the D-Y water documentation from 2hrs daily to 1hr a day

Estimated time savings from eForm pre-populated grid saves 200 hrs annually

Parts Management

SIMCO's professional services team has made enhancements that include:

  • Parts management to track consumption in a service
  • Reporting on part and service cost to calculate ROI by asset
  • Part Plans allows automated assignment of necessary parts and forecasting consumption
  • Email notifications of low stock levels can be configured for easy reordering

Parts Re-ordering

One of SIMCO's customers is tracking around 6,000 active parts with nearly 40,000 in total inventory. The company uses Parts Transactions to allow users to adjust part inventory levels. The enhancement includes:

One of SIMCO's customers is currently tracking around 6,000 unique parts with around 40,000 in inventory. The company uses CERDAAC Parts Transactions to allow users to adjust part inventory levels.

Enhancement includes:

Parts Reordering functionality has been added to Parts Transactions.

Modified workspace for the Technician and Engineering Managers roles.

Reports can be utilized to track parts reorders by location

The report shows available qualities, minimum stock level, frequency of reorders, and minimum restock quality

Improved visibility into reordering of parts ensuring parts are not reordered twice

What's New: Bar Code Labels

SIMCO customers using barcode labels:

  • Increase lookup speed by 100%
  • Reduce human error by 98%
  • Cost savings from improved productivity and error reduction

Let SIMCO Professional Services help you set up your tag and label printing. CERDAAC 4.0 supports PDF label printing in tailorable formats and sizes.  Labels can be created for Asset Tags, Calibration labels, etc.  Fast and simple label and bar code deployment. Supported barcodes include:

  • CODE 128
  • CODE 39

Example Calibration Label with QR code:


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For more information, contact your SIMCO representative, email, or use the contact form at the top of this page to get in touch.