Release of CERDAAC Service Management Software

April 2, 2016 – SIMCO is pleased to deliver a number of advanced features to our customers with the Spring 2016 Release of CERDAAC® SIMCO Manager™ and Service Manager™ service management software.

All users of CERDAAC SIMCO Manager & Service Manager now have access to these capabilities. Some features are configured by SIMCO Professional Services.

New features and improved capabilities include:

SIMCO Shipper Improvements – improved ease of use and Shipper flow, single point for shipper generation, and scan bar code labels to add assets.

Parts Management – plan & track parts consumed in conjunction with services, assign parts per model based on service/procedure, multi-location inventory site support, cost management.

Service Interval Cycle Count – service intervals configurable based on a combination of time and/or usage (e.g. 180 days or 100 uses), optimize service intervals, service due reporting by date or cycle count.

Flexible Form Size Printing – support for selectable label sizes, auto-populate text and barcodes, compatible with standard label printers.

Improved On-Time Status – track instruments when pulled from production and staged for service, precise reporting of on-time services, improved turnaround time reporting.

Service Interval Digit Increase – service intervals can now accommodate up to 4 digits, e.g. 1095 days.

Case Management Improvements – configurable case creation based on any non-conforming instrument status, new Close Date and On-Time Status fields, customer defined days to close.

For more information, visit the CERDAAC page or contact us.