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CERDAAC Cloud is an intelligent, connected quality and manufacturing support platform purpose-built for highly regulated, mission-critical industries. Over 3,000 customers worldwide rely on CERDAAC Cloud including 16 of the top 20 global biomedical companies and 14 of the top 20 aerospace and defense companies to minimize downtime, reduce costs and simplify compliance. Begin digitizing your quality and manufacturing support processes today.

"The deployment from SIMCO was great. You were all able to help us achieve the two-week timeline that we requested with accommodations and no hiccups. Assistance was superb, and quick turnaround time for all questions and answers."

- Curative

"With CERDAAC, we are able to prove full compliance with all of our regulatory requirements, including our staff's licenses and permits as well as our equipment."

-Spokesperson for Leading Pharmaceutical Provider

"We use CERDAAC to manage calibration and repair services for over 2,000 assets and to maintain schedules of services for those assets including preventive maintenance. With CERDAAC, we saved over $149K annually and mitigated our regulatory risk."

– Validation Specialist, WuXi AppTec

"With CERDAAC, we’ve accomplished a complete transformation of our compliance tracking and reporting processes, and we will continue to use it to improve the quality and efficiency of those operations."

– Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company

"I can trust that all of the certificates in CERDAAC can pass an audit. With CERDAAC, we can keep our line moving and still meet our goals. It's seamless."

- Korry

CERDAAC CLOUD is Trusted Worldwide by Industry Leaders