X-Ray Radiation Calibration

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SIMCO’s X-Ray Radiation calibration capability uses state-of-the-art automated procedures to provide fast, high-quality, lower cost radiation calibrations for a wide range of devices.
Radiation Devices Calibrated
• Mammography
• Radiography
• Fluoroscopy
• Dental
• kVp
• Dose & Dose Rate
• Ion Chamber
• mA & mAs Meters
• Survey Meters/Devices
Technical Specifications
• Directly traceable to NIST primary standards lab
• Traceable to four beam qualities: H60, L100, Mo/Mo 28, Mo/Mo 30
• Can cover up to 64 of the available beam qualities offered by NIST upon request.
• 20 kV - 100kV for mammography measurements using a Molybdenum X-Ray tube
• 30 kV - 160 kV for diagnostic measurements using a Tungsten X-Ray tube
• Dose measurements from 10 µR - 100 R (0.1 µGy – 875 mGy)
• Dose Rate measurements from 0.6 mR/min - 100 R/min (6 µGy/min - 875 mGy/min)
• Calibration Distances available from 50 cm up to 300 cm
• Very low generator ripple of 0.15 kV or less
• Horizontal orientation in 20 foot room eliminates backscatter, improves measurement results, and reduces system uncertainties

• High quality calibrations traceable to NIST
• Automation provides reliability and lower costs
• Fast turnaround time to any location
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