Korry Electronics Case Study


Korry Electronics Case Study

Korry Minimizes Downtime and Meets Regulatory Requirements with CERDAAC Software


Korry’s manufacturing production line includes thousands of pieces of equipment, regulated by several different industry quality standards. To help keep its equipment properly calibrated and maintained in compliance with both customer and industry standards, Korry uses a combination of SIMCO’s calibration and repair services, and SIMCO’s CERDAAC software.

The company implemented CERDAAC in 2010 to automate processes that were previously managed using a combination of spreadsheets and handwritten records. They currently have:

  • 137 users on CERDAAC
  • 6,000 assets tracked
  • Global visibility into the system with unlimited users

“CERDAAC gives us efficient tool tracking with complete global visibility into which tools need servicing, and when they are due.”

Shannon Younger
Director of Quality & Compliance

About Korry Electronics

Korry Electronics Co. has been a trusted name in human-machine interface (HMI) solutions for 75 years, when the company created the first lighted cockpit controls for the developing military and commercial aircraft industry. Now a part of Transdigm Group Inc., Korry continues this tradition as it develops the crew station of the future, providing state-of-the-art switches, cockpit controls, night-vision filters, and high-performance Korry Display Modules (KDMs).